Thursday, July 8, 2010

Victory Caravan

This is me at Victory Caravan (this was last year) it's an event were you go to a school or some places near you to share the gospel of God to others. All of my friends at church volunteered to be part of Victory caravan some of us are part of medical mission,dance and sports clinic,feeding program,and music workshop. I was part of feeding program I thought we will just give food to kids but it was more then what i expected that there wore crafts like making bracelets,singing songs,sharing them the Gospel of God but the children really enjoyed,even though it was hot at least we enjoyed and shared the Gospel of God to those children at school.
Here I am making this bracelet with six colors in it.

Yellow means: Heaven
Block means:
Red means: Blood of Christ
White means: Purity
Green means: Grow
Blue means: Baptizing in the Holy Spirit

This bracelet is the same one that we gave to the kids
so they will understand the gospel of God better.
I like this bracelet because you can share the gospel of God easier and it's easy to make.
You can make a bracelet just like this if you want to, so you can share it with your friends.
Just buy or get some beads that has the same color and assemble them like the same one above.
God Bless!! Enjoy!!

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