Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Angry Birds made out of Lego by Jillian Myka & Justine Pearl

Your never to old to make something out of Lego.
 Red Angry Bird made by Jillian Myka
 It took me a few hours how to make a red angry bird without a model..
 Yellow Angry Bird made by my sister Justine Pearl

 Blue Angry Bird made by Jillian Myka
 Its so cute!
 Sad Birds...
 Angry Birds and Green Pig with an egg.
"You guys are trapped now." said Angry Birds "Give us our egg back!"
 "Never steal our egg again" said Red Angry Bird
 "Will see..." said Green Pig 
 "Please don't hurt us!" said King Pig  "Ok,ok we won't get your eggs anymore. Please for give us."  
"Good, its not nice to steal other birds egg or other birds things." said Yellow Bird 
"We forgive you..as long as you don't do it again." said Blue Bird
Green Pig and King Pig with an egg made by Justine Pearl


Hope you guys like it..God bless! =-)

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