Wednesday, October 12, 2011

A great experience

This is what i did this summer of April & May 2011.
I didn't got a chance to post this earlier.
I took voice lessons and met great people.
A very great experience i will never forget.
 Me singing in stage.
 The song i was singing here is: I turn to you by Christina Aguilera.
 Me, my family with Ate Christelle's parents (Ate Christelle also sang in the recital), Tita Len,Camille, Tita Nita, Ate Dhen-Dhen, and Tita Lolit. They supported and watched our recital.
After the recital we took a picture with my Family.
 My Family with Tita Len and Camille.

The Mini Concert in Robinsons Cabanatuan:
This was a really wonderful experience i will always remember.
At first I was a little nervous, but I told my self, " Just do your best ,and do it for God."
I was singing the same song i sang in the recital.
Looking down..
 Reaching the high note..
Me and my friends Ezary,Drey, Ate Christelle, Mary Kay, and Vianca.
 Ate Chrstelle.
 Little Johan.
 From the left Camille, Justine and Mama.
 After the mini concert we ate a very delicious dinner with family and friends. Pizza!!
This experience was really great, I pray that God give me strength and courage to do the things He wants me to do, just like what happened here.
 Thank you Lord for the talents you gave us. help us to use it to serve and glorify you more.

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