Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Romans 8:35,37-39

Just about everything in this life is subject to change without notice. Your friend can become your enemy. Your family can be removed from you. Your health can go. You can lose your job. Nothing is guaranteed to remain the same,except one thing. There is one constant, one thing you can count on, now and forever, and that is the unfailing love of God.

There is nothing you can do and no place you can go where God's love for you is not there. The apostle Paul tried to imagine a way that God's love would not be available or sufficient. He couldn't think of one. No matter what the situation is right now, whether you are healthy or suffering from disease,employed or unemployed, in top of the world of feeling like failure, living the Christian life victoriously or suffering the consequences of sin, no matter what, God loves you.

God's love isn't altered by your circumstances. It doesn't depend on your environment. It is steady and unchanging. Even demons cannot stop God from loving you. God is not intimidated by your problems or your faults. If there is anything the Bible makes crystal clear,it is that God loves his children. That's why the psalmist could proclaim with confidence,"give thanks to the Lord,for he is good;/ his love endures forever" (Pslam 106:1)

You may feel at times that even God couldn't possibly love you. You may look at your circumstances and wonder why a loving God would allow you to go through such difficult times. Always remember that your state of mind is not what determines God's love. Nor is his love decided by your situation.God's love is the one thing in life you can safely count on. Base your security on this one unchanging truth: nothing can separate you from God's love. That's a promise.

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