Monday, February 21, 2011

Something I want to do:

Princess Wire-wrapped Ring

princess-wire-wrapped-ring.jpgThis ring is just too pretty to be so fast and easy! It’s an irresistible project you’re sure to love. Let’s get started!

set-up.jpgYou’ll only need a few tools, so don’t worry about lengthy cleanup with this one (a nice bonus!). Grab a crystal clear or colored Swarovski crystal, a ring mandrel, wire cutters and some 24 gauge wire. The ring mandrel isn’t entirely necessary (you can use your own finger or some other tool), but I found it was pretty helpful in getting the wire formed for a good fit. I picked my mandrel up for just a few bucks.

I chose a Swarovski crystal that was drilled at the top for added dimension and height. You can choose one drilled through the center, too; that will work just as well.

step-1.jpgCut a good length of wire (perhaps 12 to 20 inches, depending on how big your finger is; you can always snip the excess) and string your crystal.

step21.jpgOn the mandrel, center your bead. The wire going through your bead should go around toward the bottom of the mandrel. Then wrap the wire around the mandrel above your bead and then again below your bead. Pull the wire snugly.

step-3.jpgPull the formed wire off the mandrel and bring one end of the wire around the base of the bead (to secure it), then bring that piece of wire back around until it’s pointing outward.

step-4.jpgRepeat this process with the other end of the wire on the other side of the bead. Now your bead should be well secured.

step-5.jpgBegin wrapping the tail of the wire snugly around the area outside the bead. Wrap the wire several times around. Do this first for one side, and then for the other side. When you are done wrapping, be sure to snip the wire nice and close to the ring.

As a variation, you can use a colorful bead instead of a Swarovski crystal, or you can experiment with different wire-wrapping techniques, like making the ring thicker or coiling the wire inward to make a swirl pattern, instead of just simply snipping the wire. This is a basic design that you can have fun experimenting with. Enjoy!

I just found this in the internet and i want to try making it.

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