Wednesday, June 1, 2011

First trip to Manila just Me and Justine.=))

It was a great trip,we were on no.3 van escapade,red. We left Cabanatuan at 8am in the morning at May 21, 2011.
I met new friends in the van, like Jopen,Loren and Zia. We went to MOA (Mall of Asia) to eat lunch, then we went to CCP (Cultural Center of the Philippines)  in time for the ballet show.
After everyone was thinking of going to starcity, but we didn't want to,because we had to pay and i really don't enjoy rides. So our team in van 3 decided to go to MOA instead, when we got there we ate at Chow King.
We went around the mall and end up going to the department store and bought a shoes. Then we got lost at the Mall,but we got to the parking lot on time.
We were still waiting for other people at van no.4.
After, we went are way back to Cabanatuan.
Thank God we were safe and sound.. What a great experience..Thank you Lord!!


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