Monday, April 30, 2012

Time to post this creations and blessings

I drew and designed this dress for my friends 18th Birthday..
Hope you guys like it. =)

 My friend Kerstin drew this for me, and I think its so cute!
I love it!..Thank you Kerstin! =)

  One day I decided to make a flower ring.. 
Tada !!  It turned out to be very beautiful..
 Earrings before.. Pendant after.
(sorry i had no picture of this, when it was still an earrings)
 Blessings from my friend Lyn English, from Australia.
(Jewelry making books, beads and a calendar)

 This books are very helpful for me to develop more of my skills in make accessories.
 I love this adorable beads..

 More beads...
Thank you so much Lyn English! 
Hope to see you soon..God bless. :)
 This are one of the things I bought when we went to Boracay, this February.
 Red: My Brother, Dominic. Yellow: Myka. Violet: My Sister, Justine.
( Turtle Cellphone Holder)

It's More Fun In The Philippines!

I was suppose to post all of this in my blog earlier, but because of dressmaking class I became very busy.
But thank God! I had the time to post this today.
Just wanted to share this creations and blessings to everyone..God bless!! 
- Jillian Myka

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