Thursday, August 9, 2012

One Summer, Nine Projects.

 I took dressmaking class this summer, last April 10 - June 1 2012. And it was a great experience, met great people with great talents, I learned and realized a lot of things in making clothes. And it's not easy as you thing. hehe I'm just so thankful to God for giving me this great opportunity to learn something new. And sorry guys for this late post. Here are the 9 projects I made. Enjoy! =)
#1 Pajama
 #2 Blouse
 #3 Boxpleats
 #4 Blouse Uniform
 #5 Tight Skirt
 #6 Sports Collar
 #7 Continuous Collar
 #8 Standing Collar

 #9 Bestida (Dress)
Me, my classmates, and Teacher Gloria.
 Let's not be afraid to learn new things, and grab every opportunity we have,
because that opportunity may never come again. 
I also made a miniature version of all my projects. Isn't it cute? hehe
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God Bless Everyone..Take care!

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