Friday, September 7, 2012

Food & Drinks

 Valentine Cake
 Yogurt with blueberry, nuts and chocolate toppings.
 Blended dark chocolate.
 Ginger ale
 Avocado Shake
 Potato chip

I've taken this pictures randomly in different occasions. I just love taking pictures of food and drinks before I eat them. Most of the food in the pictures are sweet. I love sweets.. I love to eat food!
I love bread and pasta! I'm craving for Halo-Halo right now.
Just wanted to share.. What about you? Do you love to eat? What's your favorite food or sweets? 
Comment and share it with me..

:) Jillian Myka


I.G.R.E.J.A. said...

Olá Jillian.

Contacta conosco.

Até mais.

Cathy said...

Great food! You've made me hungry now! :D

I'd love if you checked out my blog and maybe even followed!
Have a good day. (:

Jillian Myka said...

Thank you for the comment! Sure I'll follow your blog..Godbless!:)

Haylee Mae said...

Looks delish!

Jillian Myka said...

Thanks Haylee! God bless!:)