Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Unexpected Blessings

1. 32 pieces of clothes inside a paper bag
This Bolero is my favorite of all the clothes our Aunt and cousins gave to us, from US.. I was curious how it was made, hopefully I'll figure out how it was sewed.
Thank you Tita Chat, Angela, Isabella & Paula for this great blessings!

2. Ginger Candies
 I got this ginger candies when my parents returned home from Davao City, they visited our relatives there. This ginger candies are really good for singers, speakers etc. 
Thank you Tita Yeyeng for this delicious candies! 

3. Watches from Singapore 
My sister and I got this beautiful watches from our Uncle, Aunt and Cousins, who recently went to Singapore. My sister owns the watch with hearts and mine with flowers.
Thank you so much Ninong Vin, Ninang Ayheen, Sage,Sabine, Sadie & Ethan...Love you!

All great love stories end up tragically. Like... When Romeo drank poison for Juliet. or when. Cleopatra let herself get bitten by a serpent for Mark Anthony. or when Jack froze to death just to let Rose be safe  from an icy ocean. But nothing is far greater love story than JESUS laying His life as ransom sacrifice for our sins. ( Matthew 20:28 )
Thank you Lord for all this blessings..Thank you for giving me the strength each day.. Thank you for loving me, even before I loved you. 

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